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Business questions

Which payment gateway does Hatch use?

Hatch works with Stripe Connect, which directly manages all transactions made on your marketplace. Hatch will never take commissions on any transactions but Stripe fees will apply. As per their website, the current pay-as-you-go pricing is:

1.4% + 0.25 € for European cards
2.9% + 0.25 € for non-European cards

How is hosting managed?

Hatch takes care of your marketplace’s hosting using Amazon Web Services cloud hosting. Among other benefits, this solution allows us to use your platform’s location to minimize latency and improve overall UX.

Who owns the source code?

Hatch is a proprietary solution so you do not have access to the source code. However, you do own all of your marketplace’s content and data. Within your back office you can find tools to export your users / listings / transactions data whenever you need to. Even if you later on decide to move to a custom platform, you will be able to build it with the same technology - Cocorico - which would allow for full database compatibility.