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Discover the advanced features of Hatch and the personalized support provided by our marketplace experts to successfully build your marketplace to hire freelancers.

Why launch a marketplace to hire freelancers with Hatch?

With over 8 years of experience and over 100 marketplaces under its belt, the Hatch marketplace solution will allow you to successfully build your marketplace to hire freelancers and expand it without limits, even internationally.

Its rich feature set is designed to include all the essential features your marketplace needs to be operational as well as advanced ones that will bring a strong added value to both you and your users. Yield management, calendar synchronization, dispute management, integrated KYC requirements and secure escrow payments are just some of the features which you will benefit from to manage your marketplace and which your users will be able to access.

Additionally, we take your marketplace project seriously and we want to maximize your time, efforts and resources. That's why we have decided to combine our SaaS marketplace technology with professional support from our marketplace experts. From day 1 we will work hand in hand towards your business objectives and we will bring our expertise to the table to build your marketplace to hire freelancers and make it succeed.

The tools for your success

Key features to drive your marketplace business

Custom search engine

Combine elements such as geolocation and date/time availability with your own categories and subcategories, custom search filters, keywords search, client reviews and many others to have a powerful marketplace search engine that will help your users find the best services easily and therefore maximize transactions completed in your marketplace to hire freelancers.

Tailored prices for custom services

Some freelance services have fixed prices and others require tailored prices, as they depend on the details and needs of the project or employer. Our Hatch marketplace solution has been designed to cover both types of services and allows you to combine direct bookings that have a pre-set price, with those in which clients need to contact freelancers to request a quote.

Advanced calendar management

Calendar management is crucial for smooth marketplace operations, which is why our Hatch marketplace software includes advanced calendar management features to set specific availabilities but also recurring ones. Users can also synchronize their personal calendars with their listing's calendar to make sure it is always automatically updated and aligned.
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Personalized integrations and marketplace configuration

KYC requirements

Build a marketplace to hire freelancers with a secure payment infrastructure to complete transactions securely worldwide. With fully integrated KYC requirements, your sellers' identity validation process will be automatically tailored to each user to ensure that they are all correctly verified before being booked through your marketplace.

Admin portal

Together with the Hatch expert assigned to your marketplace project you will learn how to best use your admin back office to manage your entire marketplace to hire freelancers. You will explore how to make the most of all the features and cover all aspects of your marketplace's activity, from bookings and listings. to users, payments and KPIs.


Part of the added value which your marketplace will bring to users lays in booking security and transparency. The review system plays a key role in this matter, as it builds a healthy peer-to-peer review dynamic in which users can rate each other after a service has been provided. Not only can it potentially drive users to do their best at all times, but it will also be used by other clients to compare offers and sellers before booking.
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Discover The Hatch Experience

Personalized expert support

Share your marketplace project with our marketplace experts and we will work together to build you marketplace to hire freelancers and personalize it according to your needs and objectives. From our kick off meeting and onwards we will work on every aspect of your marketplace to hire freelancers to successfully go live and grow it exponentially.

Individual workshops and recurrent meetings

A core element of the support provided by our marketplace experts is that it is tailored to your own marketplace project. A one size fits all approach doesn't cut it to really optimize results so you will participate in individual workshops, schedule on-demand meetings and access our client resources to build your marketplace to hire freelancers with the most complete marketplace solution in the industry.

Service marketplaces

Our Hatch marketplace solution is designed to launch service marketplaces and its features are all carefully created to adapt to their very specific marketplace business model, booking flow, user journey and overall needs. We want to provide you with the best fit and we will not deliver you anything less than the best marketplace solution to successfully build your marketplace to hire freelancers.
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