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Discover how Hatch fits the requirements to successfully build a marketplace to hire translators.

Why Hatch is the right solution for your marketplace to hire translators ?

Our experience has shown that a rich marketplace software combined with strategic guidance are the keys to successfully launch a marketplace. Having this in mind, we have developed Hatch, a SaaS marketplace solution that goes beyond its feature-rich marketplace software by providing a complete service experience around your project.   Ready to work together to build your marketplace to hire translators? Reach out to us and start a free live trial within 48 hrs with your own personalized marketplace. We will integrate your design and parameters so you can avoid delays or complex developments, and instead, directly focus on mastering our +1700 features and scale your marketplace business model.

What features are needed for your success ?

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Limitless marketplace

Worldwide reach

Whether you are looking to build a translators marketplace on a local or an international perspective, Hatch marketplace software will never hold you back. Decide the languages and currencies you want to include, define the geographical locations in which your services will be provided and your Hatch marketplace will do the rest to manage cross-border payments, KYC per country, content translation for the users and time zones.

Search engine

Your marketplace to hire translators must include a powerful search engine that allows to refine search results by multiple parameters suchas categories, location, keywords, price, specific filters and reviews. Deliver a smooth user experience and maximize the bookings and revenue of your marketplace.

Admin portal

Access your admin back office and manage your marketplace activities to hire translators in one single user-friendly portal, including its design, content, users, listings, bookings and payments.
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Powerful marketplace user portal

Account dashboard

Askers and translators will be able to manage all their activity in your multi vendor marketplace in one single portal to monitor their profile, bookings, listings, messages, reviews and payments.

Yield management

A translator's services might not always be priced the same. With our Hatch marketplace solution, they can apply a yield management strategy to maximize their revenue, setting different prices per month, weekday or even hour.

Messaging and review system

Build a marketplace to hire translators that is transparent and encourages users to come back. Allow clients to chat with translators through your marketplace before and after booking, and make it easy to compare all the listings in your marketplace thanks to other clients' reviews.
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Individual support during all your translators marketplace lifecycle

Hatch strategic support

You don't have to build your marketplace to hire translators alone. Work with us during all stages of your marketplace to address all the pillars of its success: design, content, monetization strategy, user onboarding, SEO strategy and more.

Client resources

On top of the rich technology and the dedicated support, our Hatch SaaS marketplace solution includes access to our client workshops and resources. Our knowledge base, tutorials, articles and manuals will provide valuable insights and guide you to help you build the best marketplace model to hire translators.

Designed to match with services needs

From its first steps, Hatch marketplace solution was created for services. Thus, our platform is definitely tailored to build your translators marketplace. Every services marketplaces are differents and our SaaS solution will allow you to tackle all fronts: your own business model, commissions, cancellation policies, SEO strategy, design and content.
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