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Discover how Hatch fits the requirements to successfully create a marketplace to find a ski instructor.

Why create your marketplace to find a ski a instructor with Hatch?

Are you starting your own online business or creating a marketplace for an existing one? Are you looking to upgrade the marketplace software which your business is currently using? Hatch can be the SaaS marketplace solution for you. Hatch understands that marketplaces to hire professionals, rent a house or find a ski instructor do not operate in the same way so we have developed a SaaS marketplace solution with more than 1700 features specifically designed to create your marketplace to find a ski instructor.

If you aim to become an industry leader, reach out to us and receive your personalized marketplace in 48 hrs. Start working with a Hatch strategist to optimize all stages of your marketplace business, even after your go-live. Together you can tackle every milestone to create content, onboard clients, work on SEO and make your marketplace grow without boundaries.

The tools for your success

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Your marketplace's own brand... and more

White label design

Create your marketplace to find a ski instructor and manage its design and overall look. Use your domain name, personalize the communication of your marketplace and integrate your colors, logo, images, content and more.

Analytics and social networks

In addition to customizing its look and feel, go further to boost the visibility of your marketplace to find a ski instructor. Set your own SEO meta titles, meta descriptions and slugs; connect your marketplace to all your social media profiles and integrate Google Analytics to track marketplace traffic and user behaviour.

Your admin back office portal

Monitor the activity of your marketplace to find a ski instructor through your powerful admin portal. Manage bookings, payments, users, listings, and more. And that's not it, export your marketplace data in CSV format whenever you want, track your main KPIs through your dashboard and validate users and/or listings before they are live in your marketplace.
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Smooth marketplace UX

Search engine

Create your marketplace to find a ski instructor with a powerful search engine that allows to refine ski instructors by location, custom categories and filters, keywords, price and reviews. Also maximize transactions with Cocosearch®, the machine learning algorithm of our Hatch marketplace solution.

Messaging and review system

Build the trust of your marketplace users through transparent booking processes. Allow clients to chat through your marketplace to find a ski instructor that they like and clarify the service's details before paying. Additionally, help them compare all ski instructors offered in your marketplace thanks to its integrated review system.

Advanced calendar management

Help ski instructors keep their marketplace calendars updated to maximize the number of successful bookings. With the advanced calendar management features of Hatch marketplace software, ski instructors can easily set individual as well as recurring availabilities. And if they already have a personal calendar, they can also synchronize it with your marketplace to keep their listing up-to-date and prevent double-bookings.
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Close support during all stages of your marketplace to hire temporary employees

Strategic support

Share your vision and goals with us and we will work closely together to create your marketplace to find a ski a instructor successfully. Go through workshops and dedicated weekly/monthly meetings with a Hatch strategist from the early stages of your marketplace as well as during your go-live and after it, when you are scaling your marketplace.

Tailored workshops and resources

The Hatch marketplace solution combines close strategic support with rich client resources that will help you master your marketplace to find a ski instructor and benefit from the knowledge and experience we have gained throughout the years.

Designed for services

The Hatch marketplace solution focuses on renting and booking services online and it is best suited to meet the particular needs of your marketplace to find a ski instructor. Together we will create your marketplace business model, monetization/commissions strategy, parameters and more to achieve your goals.
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