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Why Hatch is a good fit for your marketplace to hire a guide ?

Whether you are interested in starting a new marketplace business, digitalizing an existing one with a marketplace or upgrading the marketplace software which you are currently using, our Hatch SaaS marketplace solution can help. Contact us to discuss your marketplace business model and receive a personalized marketplace in 48 hrs, which is fully operational and ready to kick off your live free trial.   Access the best marketplace software in the industry and work hand-in-hand with a Hatch strategist to make the most of our +17000 dedicated features that will take your multi vendor marketplace to the next level. Onboard users from day 1, identify best practices and optimize the performance of your marketplace to boost your revenue and expand your marketplace business without limits, even internationally. No unnecessary delays or complex developments, we will work together during all stages to create your marketplace to hire a guide and make you succeed.

The tools for your successfull marketplace

The key features of this marketplace

Your design

Create your marketplace to hire a guide and customize it to reflect your brand and the experience your clients are looking for. Integrate your logo, change the colors of your marketplace and add the images you want to be displayed on your homepage. You want your users to feel your marketplace is the place to have an experience during their trip ? Go further and personalize the texts, the internal pages and emails of your marketplace.

Sessions and places management

Allow your suppliers to define the sessions of their activities and the number of places available. They will be able to go further by customizing the price and the number of remaining places per session. Your customers will benefit from a UX designed to minimize the number of clicks to book and find the session that suits them. You would have nothing to envy to the experience part of AirBnb.

Integrated chat and reviews

Trust and transparency will drive successful booking and make clients come back to your marketplace to hire a guide. The integrated chat will help clients clarify service details before and after booking, while the review system allows them to compare offerings based on their client reviews.
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Scalable marketplace

Escrow payments

All payments and wire transfers completed in your marketplace to hire a guide will be managed with escrow payments with the highest level of security. Additionally, the commissions collected by your marketplace will be automatically split and invoices will be created for the users, which they can easily download in their marketplace accounts.

Global solution

Our Hatch marketplace solution will scale with your marketplace business, whether you want to create a marketplace to hire a guide that is local or international from the start. You can select the languages and currencies you need, and define in which geographical locations your services will be provided, while your Hatch marketplace will take care of the rest, managing user time zones, international payments, content translations and KYC per country.

Search engine

Location, price, keywords, category and subcategory, client reviews or even custom filters are just some of the parameters which your clients can use to refine search results. Create your marketplace to hire a guide with a powerful search engine and algorithm that will maximize the bookings completed in your marketplace and boost your revenue.
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A dedicated Hatch marketplace expert for your marketplace to hire a guide.

Personalized support

Together, we will successfully create your marketplace to hire a guide. A dedicated Hatch expert will accompany you on all stages of your marketplace. From the free trial to help you customize your marketplace to the launch of your marketplace.

Client workshops and resources

Your Hatch expert will keep accomanying you during workshops to help you reach your objectives. You can also profit from a rich client resources and check our knowledge base, manuals, tutorials to guide you and provide you insights to maximize your time and efforts and your marketplace business. Welcome to the Hatch experience !

Tailored to service marketplaces

Our Hatch SaaS marketplace solution is designed to create service marketplaces and its feature-rich technology is best suited to fit the particular needs of this industry and create your marketplace to hire a guide. Our team will provide strategic support so you can make the most of these features and grow your marketplace business exponentially, even across borders.
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