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Discover how Hatch fits the requirements to successfully launch a marketplace to hire a photographer.

Why launch a marketplace to hire a photographer with Hatch?

Hatch is built on more than 8 years of experience and over 100 launched marketplaces. Whether you are launching a new business or digitizing an existing one, Hatch is the SaaS marketplace solution you need. We've created a solution with over 1,700 features that are tailor-made to launch your marketplace to hire a photographer. If you ambition to become an industry leader, contact us and start your live trial in under 48 hrs. Receive a personalized marketplace and work alongside a Hatch strategist to optimize all stages of your marketplace. From day 1 we will tackle every milestone together to work on design, create content, onboard clients and grow your marketplace without constraints.

The tools for your success

The key features of your success

Tailored services and custom demands

Launch your maketplace to hire a photographer with the certainty that your clients will find all the services that one can expect from a photographer. With Hatch you will be able to allow your photographers to create all types of services and allow your clients an improved UX by allowing them to book different services at once or to request a quote for a personalized service.

Reviews and user chat

Launch your marketplace to hire a photographer with an integrated chat that allows users to message each other before and after a booking. Foster transparency combining it with a peer-to-peer review system for users to compare the photographers offered in your marketplace based on other clients' reviews.

Advanced calendar management

Powerful calendar management features will allow your photogrpaher to easily synchronize their professional calendars with the marketplace calendar and improve their ranking in the search results. With Hatch marketplace software, photographers can set different types of availabilities, such as those that repeat over specific months, days or hours.
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Customize your marketplace ... and more

White label design

Launch your marketplace to hire a photographer and customize its design with your logo, colors, slogan, font, content and images. Go beyond and use your own domain name and personalize the content and address of all the automated email notifications sent by your marketplace.

Admin portal

We have created your admin back office to be user-friendly, while also delivering the technical capabilities to manage the entire activity of your marketplace to hire a photographer. Monitor KPIs with your marketplace dashboard and manage bookings, users, listings, transactions, content and more in one single portal.

Social networks and analytics

Capture new users for your marketplace to hire a photographer with a good SEO strategy, deciding your slugs, meta titles and descriptions. Monitor and understand your marketplace traffic with Google Analytics and improve its visibility connecting it with your social media profiles.
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The Hatch experience

A human approach to dedicated support

Share your vision and marketplace project with us and we will work alongside to launch your marketplace to hire a photographer. We will work together during all stages, from the early stages of back office workshops to your go-live and after when you are managing and growing your marketplace.

Workshops and recurrent meetings

With our Hatch marketplace solution, you will also have access to tailored workshops and rich client resources, such as our knowledge base, tutorials and manuals. These will guide you and enrich your knowledge as you launch your marketplace to hire a photographer.

For service marketplaces

Our Hatch marketplace solution specifically focuses on service marketplaces and its features are tailored to launch your marketplace to hire a photographer. Together we will work on your marketplace business model, monetization strategy, booking conditions and more to make your marketplace succeed.
The Hatch experience