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Discover how Hatch fits the requirements to successfully build a marketplace to book a tour.

Why build your marketplace to book a tour with Hatch?

A powerful marketplace software is crucial to build a marketplace business but launching and scaling one successfully also takes expertise. With this in mind, we have created our Hatch marketplace solution which combines the most feature-rich marketplace software with tailored strategic support from our team.   If you are ready to build your marketplace to book a tour, contact us to discuss your marketplace business and we will deliver your personalized marketplace in under 48 hrs. From day 1, you will work alongside a dedicated Hatch strategist to master our +1700 features to work on all aspects of your marketplace: design, content, monetization strategy, cancellation policies, booking conditions, SEO tags, user onboarding and more.

The tools for your success


Scalable marketplace

Escrow payments

All payments and wire transfers of your marketplace to book a tour will be handled with escrow payments to ensure your marketplace has the flexibility to manage them properly and securely. The commissions per transaction which you have defined will also be securely collected, as your multi vendor marketplace will automatically split payments and create invoices for your users.

Global reach

Whether you want to build a marketplace to book a tour that is local or international, our Hatch marketplace solution has the technical capabilities to scale with your marketplace business. Integrate the currencies and languages you need, define in which locations your marketplace services will be provided and our marketplace software will manage all international payments, user time zones and the translation of user content.

Search engine

Build your marketplace to book a tour with our powerful search engine and algorithm, which are designed to maximize the bookings completed in your marketplace and your revenue. Ensure a top UX refining searches by location, price, (sub)category, keywords, custom filters and client reviews among many other parameters.
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Your marketplace design... and more

Your own design

Build your marketplace to book a tour and customize it with your own design, colors, logo, images and domain name. Go further and define all your internal pages, content, personalized email address and email notifications.

Chat and user reviews

Allow users to book in your marketplace with full awareness and transparency. The integrated chat helps them clarify service details before and after booking, while the peer-to-peer review system provides valuable insights to compare listings based on the reviews of previous clients.

Calendar management

A calendar that is up-to-date is crucial to complete successful bookings in your multi vendor marketplace. Build your marketplace to book a tour with multiple advanced calendar management features to make it easy for users to set individual availabilities, recurring ones that repeat over time or even synchronize their personal calendar to avoid double-bookings.
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Close support during all stages of your marketplace to book a tour

Dedicated support

Your success to build your marketplace to book a tour is our success... and we can build it together. Receive personalized support right from the beginning and work alongside a Hatch strategist before and after your marketplace goes live. Tailored workshops, on-demand meetings, phone calls, support desk,... we will be there during the entire life cycle of your marketplace.

Rich client resources

Combined with our team's support, as part of the Hatch community you can also have full access our rich client resources. Our knowledge base, tutorials, manuals, articles and documents will enrich your experience and provide insights to successfully build your marketplace to book a tour.

Created for service marketplaces

The Hatch SaaS marketplace solution was specifically created for service marketplaces and its features are designed to fit marketplace business models like your own. Build your marketplace to book a tour as you envision it, with your own look and feel, business model and monetization strategy.
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